An address associated with a candidate object, their education history, employment history, or licensing agency.

addressLine*stringThe candidate's residential street address, such as "123 Main Street". Or the address associated with another object.
municipalitystringThe city or town of the address.
regionCodestringThe ISO 3166-2 region, such as a US state, where the candidate lives. In the US, this is the combination of "US", a dash, and the state or territory's two-letter postal code. For example, Texas is "US-TX" and Puerto Rico is "US-PR".
postalCode*stringThe 5 or 9 digit zip code for the address, with no dashes.
countryCodestringThe two-letter ISO short code for the country of the address, such as "US".
validFromstringThis field is not for a candidate address but is associated with education, employment, and licensing addresses. Format should be "YYYY-MM-DD".
"address": {
  "addressLine": "675 University District",
  "municipality": "SEATTLE",
  "regionCode": "US-WA",
  "postalCode": "98001",
  "countryCode": "US",
  "validFrom": "2008-08-01"