A conviction disclosed within a SelfDisclosure object in a POST /screenings request.

arrestDatestringDate of arrest format should be "YYYY-MM-DD".
caseCountystringCounty which has the arrest record.
convictedbooleanBoolean confirming whether there was a conviction.
convictionDetailsstringAny additional details about the conviction.
currentlyOnProbationbooleanBoolean confirming whether candidate is currently on probation.
dispositionDatestringDate of final court decision on the case. Format should be "YYYY-MM-DD".
offenseLevelstringLevel of offense such as "Category IV".
offenseDatestringDate offense was committed. Format should be "YYYY-MM-DD".
sentenceDatestringDate of sentence format should be "YYYY-MM-DD".
summarystringSummary of conviction.
  "convictionDetails":"Found not guilty",
  "offenseLevel":"Class B Felony",
  "summary":"Arrest occurred but candidate was found not guilty."